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Discover the electric children's car Buggy A033 4x4 24V: A vehicle for young adventurers

Ultimate driving fun and adventure for children

Get ready to give your children an unforgettable driving experience with the A033 4x4 24V buggy . This impressive electric vehicle combines cutting-edge technology with an authentic design to offer young drivers an exciting adventure. Ideal for children aged 2.5 to 9 years, the A033 buggy is every little explorer's dream.

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Technical highlights: performance meets endurance

Equipped with four powerful 150W motors, the buggy reaches speeds of 5 to 11 km/h, perfect for exciting outdoor adventures. The two 24V10Ah batteries ensure continuous driving fun, while the robust design and maximum load of 120 kg make the vehicle ideal for two children or one child with additional luggage.

Equipped with four powerful 150W motors, the buggy offers an impressive speed of 5-11 km/h, perfect for exciting driving maneuvers. The two 24V10Ah batteries enable longer driving times, so that the driving fun doesn't end so quickly. Thanks to the robust design and a maximum load of 120 kg, the buggy is ideal for two children or one child and additional luggage. kidsdrive.net, buggy

Equipment: Focus on comfort and safety

With authentic car doors, a comfortable seat made of soft synthetic leather and EVA tires, the A033 buggy offers a comfortable driving experience. LED headlights and taillights improve visibility, while the integrated audio system turns every ride into a musical highlight. Seat belts and an automatic brake guarantee safety on every journey.

The authentic car doors can be opened to make entry easier and intensify the play experience. The comfortable seat made of soft synthetic leather ensures comfort during the ride. The EVA tires ensure smooth rides while providing excellent traction on different surfaces., kidsdrive.net, buggy, rideonkidscar

Stylish design: impressive in every detail

The A033 buggy is available in trendy colors such as gold, green and white and impresses with its stylish and realistic design. This vehicle is not only guaranteed fun, but also a real eye-catcher.

Conclusion: A dream car for young explorers

The Buggy A033 4x4 24V is the ultimate electric children's car for adventurous kids. With its impressive performance, high level of comfort and excellent safety features, it offers an all-round successful driving experience. Order now and open up the world of adventure to your children.

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Technical data at a glance:

  • Motors: Four 150W motors for maximum power
  • Battery: Two 24V10Ah batteries for long-lasting driving pleasure
  • Speed: 5-11 km/h for exciting adventures
  • Max. load: 120 kg – ideal for two children
  • Equipment: Car doors, artificial leather seat, EVA tires, LED lighting, audio system
  • Safety: seat belts, automatic brake

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