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Doing good together: supports Kinderklinikkonzerte eV

In the world of online shopping, it is rare that every purchase not only sparks joy in the buyer, but also in the heart of a child. At, we aim to do just that. We are proud to announce our new social commitment: With every purchase on our website, you directly support Kinderklinikkonzerte eV , an organization dedicated to bringing joy and hope to sick children in hospital through music.

The mission of Kinderklinikkonzerte eV: Hospital stays are often a frightening and confusing experience for children. Kinderklinikkonzerte eV is committed to improving this experience through music. Since 2011, the association has been organizing private surprise concerts directly at the hospital bedside to give joy and comfort to children and their families in difficult times.

The healing power of music: Scientific studies have shown that music not only provides emotional support, but can also contribute to physical healing. The concerts organized by Kinderklinikkonzerte eV not only offer a welcome change from everyday hospital life, but also a piece of normality and joy in an otherwise challenging time.

Our commitment: At we have decided to actively make a difference. For every purchase you make from us, 3% of the sales proceeds go directly to Kinderklinikkonzerte eV. These donations help to organize even more concerts and thus put a smile on more children's faces.

The stories that count: The work of Kinderklinikkonzerte eV has already touched countless lives. From small moments of joy to major emotional breakthroughs - the stories of the children and families who have benefited from these concerts are living proof of the importance of this project.

How you can help: Every purchase at contributes to this valuable work. If you would like to learn more about Kinderklinikkonzerte eV and get further involved, visit their website at . Here you will find more information about their projects, success stories and how you can personally contribute.

Each of us can make a difference – whether by shopping at or by directly supporting Kinderklinikkonzerte eV . Together we can ensure that music continues to be a source of joy and healing in the lives of these children.

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