Produkttest von unserem Kunden Klaus: Mercedes G63 AMG 6x4 Kinderfahrzeug - kidsdrive -

Product test from our customer Klaus: Mercedes G63 AMG 6x4 children's vehicle

When I placed the huge box containing the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x4 kids' vehicle in our living room, my son's eyes sparkled like stars. I have to admit, even I, as a grown man, was impressed by the sheer size and realistic design of the vehicle. It was as if someone had shrunk a real G63 AMG.

Structure and first impressions

The build was surprisingly easy. Although I'm not usually a handy person, I was able to put the vehicle together in about an hour. Every part felt high quality and I was particularly impressed by the detailed dashboard and realistic LED headlights.

My son, barely patient enough to wait for the build to be complete, danced around me in excitement. When we finally put down the last screwdriver, it was time for the first test drive.

Quality and driving experience

The quality of the G63 AMG kids ride-on is impressive. The leather seat feels soft and luxurious, and the tires provide a smooth ride. My son, four years old and full of energy, climbed in and immediately began exploring the steering wheel and pedals.

Being able to control the vehicle via remote control gave me a sense of security as a parent. While my son took control, I kept the remote control ready to intervene if necessary.

The experience with my son

The best thing about the Mercedes G63 AMG kids' car is how it makes my son's eyes light up. The speed of up to 6 km/h is perfect for little adventurers. He loved driving around our garden, turning up the music and pretending to drive to work like daddy.

The real doors, seatbelt and shock absorbers make the driving experience even more realistic for him. And me? I couldn't help but watch with pride as my little boy explored his new favorite toy and learned to manage speed and direction.

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