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Safe on the road: How to ensure a safe driving experience for children

The happiness that parents feel when they see their children having fun and eager to learn on children's cars or other children's vehicles (eg ride-on cars) is immeasurable. At the same time, concern about the safety of the little ones is ever-present, especially when playing outdoors. Safety comes first and a safe driving experience for children is our main concern.

Note age recommendation

Choose children's vehicles that are adapted to your child's age, size and development stage. Always follow the manufacturer's age and weight recommendations. If you are unsure, it is advisable to contact specialists such as pediatricians or developmental psychologists.

Additional security features

If possible, invest in electric cars for kids and other children's vehicles that come with additional safety features:

  • Speed ​​limiter to control the maximum speed
  • Efficient brakes for quick stopping
  • Seat belts to secure your child
  • Remote control options for parental control
  • Adjustable seat heights for a customized fit
  • Robust construction for longevity
  • Non-slip materials for increased stability
  • Reflective elements for better visibility during outdoor games

Periodic review

Check the child's car regularly for loose parts, sharp edges or signs of wear and tear and rectify any defects immediately. For electric models, a full charge before use is essential to ensure uninterrupted fun.

Don’t forget protective equipment

Make sure your child always wears appropriate protective equipment such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, especially when riding on uneven surfaces or at higher speeds.

Active supervision

Always supervise your child when playing with children's vehicles, especially electric models . Ensure that the play environment is safe and away from potential hazards. Models with speed limits and remote controls offer additional control.

Teaching road safety

Teach your child basic traffic rules when traveling on sidewalks or in public places, including stopping at intersections, looking before crossing, and signaling your intention to turn.

Set game limits

Define clear boundaries within which your child is allowed to ride his or her child vehicle to avoid dangerous areas such as busy streets or steep slopes.

Charging and battery safety

Teach your child how to properly handle batteries and charge electric children's vehicles . Emphasize the importance of following charging instructions and avoiding overcharging.

Correct driving posture

Correct sitting position and holding the handlebars are crucial to avoiding accidents. Teach your child how to ride safely and in a controlled manner.

Create safe play areas

If possible, set up a safe outdoor play area specifically for riding children's vehicles. Delimited or specially designated play zones will minimize the risk of accidents.

Promote responsible driving

Teach your child the importance of treating others with respect and observing safety rules. Responsible behavior ensures that the

The fun of driving the children's car is maintained while at the same time the safety of everyone involved is guaranteed.

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Personalized advice for your needs

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Quality you can trust

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A sense of community

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