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Transparency and customer benefit: Our philosophy at

At, transparency is paramount. We understand that our customers are curious about the reasons behind our ability to offer significant discounts at short notice. Here we would like to provide an insight into our business practices to address this interest and clear up any misunderstandings.

Why can we offer good discounts?

We are often asked whether we can offer large discounts due to the high margins on our products. The answer is a clear no. Our ability to offer attractive discounts is based on specific agreements with our suppliers. These enable us to react flexibly in various ways - be it through drop shipping, mixed pricing or optimized warehousing. These strategic partnerships and contracts also enable us to minimize storage costs and make transport routes and costs more efficient.

When our suppliers or manufacturers run short-term promotions - often to clear stocks, make room for new items or boost sales - we are able to pass these benefits directly on to our customers. Even though these offers are limited in time, everyone benefits: the manufacturers, us as retailers and of course you as our valued customers. These promotions also allow us to increase our sales to suppliers, which puts us in a position to periodically improve our purchase prices and thus create even more attractive offers for you.

Such actions are often strategic decisions made by our suppliers/manufacturers - usually on special occasions, but also independently of them. This is because it is often about market share and competition. This happens in all areas of the economy. Thanks to our close relationships with our suppliers and a deep understanding of market dynamics, we are able to identify such opportunities and act quickly. This allows us not only to react to short-term market changes, but also to improve the quality and value of the offers for our customers in the long term.

The advantage of advance payment/transfer

Another point that raises questions is our offer of a 3% discount for payments in advance/by bank transfer. Some people wonder whether this is a trick or even an attempt at fraud. The answer is a resounding no. The reasons are simple and transparent: for payments processed via service providers such as PayPal, Klarna or credit card companies, we incur fees of 3% or more. If you decide to transfer directly to our account, these fees are waived and we are happy to pass these savings on to you.

Our goal: Excellent products and the best possible service

Despite our efforts to pass on benefits to our customers, it is important to stress that as a company we obviously have to operate profitably - we cannot give away our products and services. However, our primary goal at is to deliver an excellent product with the best possible service. Thanks to our moderate cost structure and efficient company management, we are in the fortunate position of being able to pass these benefits directly on to our customers.

Final thoughts

Our philosophy at is based on the belief that win-win situations are possible - between us, our suppliers and, above all, our customers. Through transparency, strategic partnerships and the constant effort to optimize our business practices, we strive to offer you not only products, but also unique values ​​and benefits. We are convinced that this approach not only contributes to the satisfaction of our customers, but also promotes a sustainable and ethical business model. We thank you for your trust in us and look forward to continuing to support you with excellent products and services.

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