Collection: Ford electric cars for children: adventure and authenticity on four wheels

Experience the world of Ford in miniature with our electric cars for children. These licensed models offer authentic driving fun and adventure.

Ford electric cars for children | Authenticity and adventure in miniature at Kidsdrive

Ford stands for American automotive history, durability and performance. Our Ford electric cars for children are proud representatives of these values. These miniature models offer not only authentic design, but also adventure and driving fun for little explorers.

The licensed Ford models are faithfully reproduced down to the smallest detail and represent the various vehicle types of the Ford brand. Whether it is a robust Ford F-150 or a lively Ford Mustang, each model offers a realistic driving experience.

Our Ford electric cars are available in different age and power classes. From the 6V models for the youngest to the powerful 12V and 24V versions for older children, you will find the perfect model for little explorers.

Driving a Ford electric car not only promotes driving fun, but also the development of skills and responsibility. Parents can control the vehicle at any time using the remote control to ensure safety.

As with all of our products, you will receive German installation instructions and technical advice for every Ford electric car. Quality and safety are our top priority at Kidsdrive.