Collection: Licensed models for children: electric cars in miniature

Discover our selection of licensed electric cars for children. These miniature models represent renowned car brands and offer authentic driving fun.

Licensed electric cars for children | Miniature models of renowned brands at Kidsdrive

Our licensed models for children pay homage to the most famous and prestigious car brands in the world. These miniature electric cars represent style, quality and driving fun for the youngest adventurers.

Our licensed electric cars offer authentic features and detail that are just like the real thing. Whether it's an Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford or another brand, each model offers a unique driving experience that will inspire children's imaginations.

The licensed electric cars are available in different age and power classes to meet the needs of young drivers. From the 6V models for the youngest to powerful 12V and 24V versions for older children - with us you will find the right model for every taste.

Driving a licensed electric car is not only fun, but also promotes the development of dexterity and responsibility. Parents can control the vehicle at any time using the remote control to ensure safety.

As with all our products, you will receive installation instructions and technical advice for each licensed electric car. Quality and safety are our top priority at Kidsdrive.