Spare parts for children's electric cars: your reliable service at

At we understand that your child loves their electric car or motorcycle and that this vehicle is an important part of their childhood. To ensure that the fun never ends, we offer a comprehensive spare parts service for all our children's electric vehicles and ride-on cars.

Spare parts for every model:
We're working to offer a wide range of spare parts directly in our store. This includes everything from batteries and tires to motors and steering wheels - every part you could need to keep your kids' ride in top shape.

Individual inquiries and advice:
Since we are currently still building this category and the variety of our products requires an extensive list, we encourage you to contact us directly if you need specific spare parts. Our team is ready to process your requests, check availability and get you the parts you need as quickly as possible.

Quality and Reliability:
All of our replacement parts are of the highest quality and are specifically designed for our models to ensure a perfect fit and function. You can rest assured that we only offer replacement parts that meet's safety and quality standards.

Simple ordering process:
As soon as our full range of spare parts is available, the ordering process will be simple and convenient. In the meantime, we are happy to receive your enquiries by email or telephone and to provide you with comprehensive advice.

At, we strive to provide you and your child with a long-lasting and enjoyable driving experience. Trust our expertise and dedicated customer service to keep your children's electric car in top condition at all times.