Doing good together – Support Kinderklinikkonzerte eV with every purchase

At we believe that every purchase can be more than just a purchase. It is an opportunity to give something back and make the world a better place. That is why we are happy to present our new social commitment: From now on, 3% of every sale will go directly to Kinderklinikkonzerte eV , an organization that brings music and joy into the lives of sick children.

Why Children’s Hospital Concerts eV?

Music and joy should be a matter of course in every child's life. But for many children who have to stay in hospital because of illness or an accident, everyday life is often marked by pain and worry. This is where the Kinderklinikkonzerte eV comes in: Since 2011, they have been organizing private surprise concerts directly at the hospital bedside and giving children unforgettable moments.

The power of music:

Music has the amazing ability to support healing processes and relieve pain. Children's hospital concerts not only provide distraction, but also enable participation in cultural experiences that would otherwise be unattainable. Renowned artists such as LEA, Revolverheld and Max Giesinger waive their fees to give these children unforgettable moments.

Your effect:

The concerts have already helped children and their families to forget their daily life in the clinic for a while and to gain new strength. Apathetic patients show signs of excitement, socially anxious children can suddenly take part in group activities - such success stories are not uncommon.

Our contribution:

With every purchase at you support this wonderful project. Your 3% will help even more children to experience these precious moments of joy and music. It's a simple but powerful way to do something good while buying products you love.

Stronger together:

Together we can make a difference. Every purchase at helps to continue the mission of Kinderklinikkonzerte eV and to positively influence the lives of sick children. Make the difference with us - for a smile on the children's faces.

In every note of music and in every purchase you make there is the opportunity to make the world a little better. We thank you for your support and for making a contribution to social engagement with

For more information about Kinderklinikkonze te eV . and the incredible work they do, we invite you to visit their website. There you will find detailed insights into their projects, testimonials and ways in which you can get involved. Don't miss the moving stories of the children and families who have found new happiness and hope through the music and commitment of the association. Visit Kinderklinikkonzerte website for a more in-depth journey into the world of music therapy and social engagement. Together we can create a world of joy and healing for children in hospital.